Farm Supplies

Elevate your agricultural operations with premium farm solutions

With the addition of Anderson’s Gas and Propane Northwest Arkansas locations to our network we have broadened our offerings to include form supplies to continue to serve the needs of farmers, ranchers, and livestock owners in the region.

Explore our selection of farm supplies to address every aspect of modern farming practices.

Farm supplies

Fencing and corral materials

With our solutions, you can create safe and secure enclosures that promote the well-being of your animals and enhance operational efficiency.

Minerals and salt

Elevate the health and performance of your livestock with our carefully sourced minerals and salt products.

Protein tubs

Whether your animals are grazing in lush pastures or facing limited forage availability, our protein subs offer a convenient and reliable solution for meeting their nutritional requirements.


We take pride in owning and operating our own state-of-the-art feed mill, ensuring complete control over the quality and consistency of our feed products. Our dedication to quality starts with the selection of premium ingredients, which are regionally or locally sourced as much as possible.


By partnering with expert nutritionists, we have formulated our feed blends to meet the dietary needs of your livestock, resulting in better feed performance and superior quality.

Medicated Feed

Our range of medicated feed is carefully developed to support the health and well-being of your livestock, providing essential medications that aid in the prevention and treatment of various health issues.


We offer custom fertilizer mixes and mix them according to soil samples.


Veterinary supplies